Expertise and Experience Combined

Combining expertise in investments and finance with hands-on experience in developing, operating and divesting some of the largest renewable energy projects

A professional team devoted to making investments prosper so that renewable energy can play a more significant role in the global power mix

Green Evolution Capital ("GEC") is an independent investment and advisory firm focusing on renewable energy assets and projects in wind, solar and hydro power. We focus on Europe, the CEEMEA region, the US and selected Emerging Markets. We identify assets and projects with high value potential and maximise value by applying our team's expertise and disciplined approach.

We have an experienced team based in London, New York and Vienna amalgamating investment and finance experience with technical and hands-on experience in developing and operating renewables projects in general and specifically in the target region. Through our strategic partnerships with developers in wind and solar, we also have access to a wealth of expertise honed in some of the most challenging markets.

Our panel of senior advisers - with its successful track record in private equity, investments in mature and emerging markets and developing renewables projects - makes valuable contributions to our day-to-day business.

We add value to projects by making them happen and optimising their performance.

Whilst we provide equity and raise debt, we also provide corporate finance, financial, technical and management expertise that takes the project to the next level.

We work closely with asset managers, project developers and financial investors complementing their skills and delivering value both to them and to our investors. Whilst we target active and majority investments in projects, we respect our partners' experience and knowledge and work in partnership.

At all stages in our projects, we consider environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) issues and follow the Principles for Responsible Investment laid down by the United Nations (UNPRI). We demand the highest level of transparency from our partners and in return provide the same both to our investors and to our development partners. 

GEC is also an advisor to various investors on energy-related matters.

Part of the Energy Mix

Energy supply and climate change are the major challenges of our times. Renewable sources will have to play a more significant role in the overall energy mix. Competitive, secure and sustainable sources of energy are a strategic focus globally and have significance in both mature and Emerging Markets - with their increasing cost of energygrowing power requirements and over-dependence on fossil fuels.

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