Combining financial and operational skills

Our team’s background ranges from investment and finance to hands-on experience in developing, operating and exiting energy projects

A powerful basis for profitable investment, development, operation and value generation

Management Team

Our team of investment professionals is made up of highly-qualified professionals with multiple backgrounds: Corporate finance, financing and capital markets expertise, engineering skills in renewable energies, technical knowledge about solar, wind and hydro, long-standing project and transaction management experience, all gained with the leading firms in their respective markets.

Our team also has valuable experience in working with governments, utility companies (both national and privately-owned), grid operators, power regulators and other quasi-sovereign entities that have high relevance for energy projects, conventional or renewable. As such, the GEC team is advising governments on defining their renewable energy policies and structuring their respective regulatory frameworks.

The combined team has worked on and completed over 750 MW solar, wind and hydro projects across Europe, the wider CEEMEA region, the US, Asia and Latin America. The aggregate value of the renewables and infrastructure transactions led by our professionals amounts to more than €15 billion. This experience gives us the expertise and capability to make projects happen and to create value for our investors.

Senior Advisors

Our panel of Senior Advisors complement the Management Team's experience with their combined experience in private equity, investing in Emerging Markets, government work and developing renewable energy projects in Europe, CEEMEA and the US and renewable energy technology. Each of these individuals makes valuable contributions to our daily business activities with their advice, but also networks in the various communities relevant to our undertaking.

Strategic Partners

The skill-set of the core management team is enhanced by strategic partnerships we have built with leading project developers in the region and technological firms. These partnerships allow us access to the latest technical developments, most recent development expertise and a formidable procurement power likely to further enhance returns to investors.

Working together with these corporate partners strengthens our ability to identify, acquire and complete what we believe to be the most profitable renewable energy projects available in today's market.

Team Credentials

Specific references on our team's credentials and recent transaction experience as well as case studies are available upon request under:

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