Adding Value

Investing financial and intellectual capital to make investments happen, optimise performance and realise financial gains

Renewable energy investments are the most cost-efficient solution to address climate change.

Energy investments are by nature characterised by certain risks. We thrive at carefully managing those risks all along the investment process and balancing risks and rewards of an investment. In our target region, well-selected and well-executed projects can provide higher returns both at an absolute level and on a risk adjusted basis. This is possible due to the availability of prime locations and a high number of undercapitalised projects.

With advancement of technology and falling equipment prices, and in the right locations, some renewable energy sources have already reached grid-parity. Whilst incentive mechanisms, whether in form of tender processes, Feed-in-Tariffs or Green Certificates, provide a useful starting platform for investors, there will need to be no reliance on these in the medium-term. Selecting projects with the right maturity and risk profile and acquiring them on a 'cost plus' basis will, we believe, further enhance returns for investors.   

Our team's diverse and specific skill-set makes us best placed to exploit these opportunities. 

We believe in partnerships and supporting our local partners in promoting their project. We work with partners who have already demonstrated their ability to deliver and who are willing to share project risks.

Our contribution to the success of any project is not merely by providing equity and raising debt. We take a leading role in the management of the project and apply our team's expertise and experience in orchestrating the necessary processes. We take a lead in arranging debt financing and in negotiating contracts with third parties such as equipment suppliers, EPC- and O&M contractors and others (using FIDIC and other relevant standards). By providing financial and intellectual capital, we make projects happen and optimise their performance.

Having entered in an early stage, developed and constructed the project, exiting a few years into operation will maximise value for our investors and development partners. We align the interests of all participants. Rewards are always subject to successful completion of a given project.

We provide maximum transparency to our investors and demand the same from our development partners.

Applying the Principles

We subscribe to the environmental, social and corporate governance issues (ESG) as laid out by the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment Initiative. In all of our dealings we follow the six Principles ( and apply the highest standard of transparency towards our investors and counterparts - and we demand the same from our local partners.

GEC also subscribes to the Code of Conduct of the British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association, BVCA (

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