Making Partnerships Work

A trusted partner for project developers and asset owners, built on experience

We partner with leading investors, developers and asset owners, contributing our financing and project execution expertise to allow for speedy, reliable and profitable project completion and operation

Our core competences include selecting, evaluating, planning, financing, building, operating and divesting renewable energy assets.

We work with trusted professional investors, development partners and project owners on a project-by-project basis or via framework agreements to assess projects regarding quality of location, economic viability, status of planning and permitting process, choice of technology, and grid access.

Following our entry into a project, we work jointly with our development partners towards speedily completing the project's development - while applying the highest quality standards. This ensures acceptance of the project both by our financing partners as well as by long-term investors.

Using our in-depth knowledge in structuring and financing, we make sure that our projects always obtain the optimal financing structure at every stage of the investment cycle.

At the same time, continuous and rigorous project control and management throughout the investment phase should ensure efficient cost control, risk management and development success.

This process forms the basis for successful developments and profitable projects. 

We are constantly evaluating utility-scale solar, wind and small hydro projects across various regions in Europe and in Emerging Markets. Eligible projects can range from late-stage developments which require some further development input (3-6 months from building permit) and ready-to-build (fully permitted) projects that require the additional funding and the structuring/financing expertise of a professional partner, to operational assets which require long-term capital and/or operational optimisation.

Our partners' engineers and experts review the technical feasibility and commercial viability of the projects. We develop our own business plans based on our own assumptions which allow for the professional execution of the projects. Our international network of established manufacturers, banks, engineering consultants and EPC contractors is the basis of success for our projects.

We establish transparent and long-term partnerships with competent, professional development partners and owners, where the interests of all parties are completely aligned. The upside from the projects is shared with our partners based on pre-agreed terms.

Regional Focus

The core focus region is Europe, the CEEMEA region, the US and selected attractive Emerging Markets.

Decisions on which individual investments and projects we pursue depend - amongst other criteria - on the regulatory environment in the respective market, the quality of the project and the sponsors and on our potential to add value to the individual project and process.

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